Elzine Yancy – A Lifetime Legacy

Earlier this year we were asked to film a 90th birthday celebration for Elzine Yancy.  Shortly after, her family members became interested in capturing her life story on video.  So we sat down with Elzine (an incredibly sharp and lively young lady at ninety) and captured her reflections on ninety years of living.  It’s always a great benefit to families to record their loved one’s story on a Biography video because it captures the essence of the person-their presence.  And it provides something tangible and meaningful to pass on to future generations.

This particular video was done very simply:  we had Elzine come in, gave her a list of topics to reflect on and let her walk down memory lane.  There were some nice historical family photos collected and incorporated into Elzine’s Biography video.  She gave great insight into a different time in our country, reflecting on life during WWII, growing up on a farm, and all the joys of having a family.  We’ve prepared a short, highlighted version to share with you.  Take a look.  It’ll probably make you think of someone in your life who should leave their legacy on video…and that’s what we’re here for.   =)